This is My Motherland

On the EndPoliceBrutality movement

We will not lose hope

I heard gunshots,


A bullet to the head,

And that was all,

That was all it took to end his life,

Another life gone,

Another pain felt,

Another family mourning,

A life that can never be regained.

What was his offence?

He was too modern,

He looked too wealthy for his age,

He had an iPhone,

He had a laptop,

He was on dreads,

He spoke against the brutality .

Yes, those were the reasons,

Absurd right?

That’s the bizarre reason Nigerian youths are being killed,

For having the audacity to drive a Benz,

For looking different,

For owning the latest iPhone.

The worst part?

He was killed by the one assigned to protect him,

He was gunned down by the one in uniform,

He was robbed by the one paid to fight robbers

What an irony!

This is injustice,

We cannot continue to live like this!

We cannot continue to be killed like chickens!

We cannot continue to live in fear in our motherland!

End Police brutality!

I speak, for the mothers mourning their lost sons,

I speak, for the fathers in pain at the demise of an heir,

I speak, for the siblings feeling the void of a lost brother

I speak, for the spouses depressed at the sudden death of their forever

I speak, for the Nigerian youths living in fear

I speak, for the children whose future is not safe

Enough of this harassment

Enough of the blood shed

Enough is enough!

Our only offence was daring to be successful.