Tips on how to avoid impulsive buying

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You know, that brogues shoe and Gucci bag you’ve been admiring and hoping to get the moment you receive your paycheck... The act of shopping itself makes the experience fun, because you are presented with a variety of things to choose from. However, when your bank account starts crying for some mercy, then you know the limit has been exceeded.

Impulsive buying involves purchasing more than is needed while shopping and this is even more prevalent with online shopping made available to us. The stress of going out to buy groceries and clothes has been replaced with an easier means…

On the EndPoliceBrutality movement

We will not lose hope

I heard gunshots,


A bullet to the head,

And that was all,

That was all it took to end his life,

Another life gone,

Another pain felt,

Another family mourning,

A life that can never be regained.

What was his offence?

He was too modern,

He looked too wealthy for his age,

He had an iPhone,

He had a laptop,

He was on dreads,

He spoke against the brutality .

Yes, those were the reasons,

Absurd right?

That’s the bizarre reason Nigerian youths are being killed,

For having the audacity to drive a Benz,


Precious Ayo O.

Freelance Writer| Experienced TV and Radio Presenter

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